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Andy Stallabrass

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Anthropoid  (2016)

| Czech Republic, UK, USA, France
Directed by: Sean Ellis
Cinematography by: Sean Ellis
Edited by: Richard Mettler


Rogue One  (2016)

Directed by: Gareth Edwards
Cinematography by: Greig Fraser
Editing System:

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Florence Foster Jenkins  (2016)

| UK, France
Directed by: Stephen Frears
Cinematography by: Danny Cohen
Edited by: Valerio Bonelli

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Risen  (2016)

Directed by: Kevin Reynolds
Cinematography by: Lorenzo Senatore
Edited by: Steve Mirkovich

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Vampire Academy  (2014)

Directed by: Mark Waters
Cinematography by: Tony Pierce-Roberts
Edited by: Chris Gill

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Charlie Countryman  (2013)

| USA, Romania
Directed by: Fredrik Bond
Cinematography by: Roman Vasyanov
Edited by: Hughes Winborne

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Comes a Bright Day  (2012)

| UK
Directed by: Simon Aboud
Cinematography by: John Lynch
Edited by: Gavin Buckley

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Darling Companion  (2012)

Directed by: Lawrence Kasdan
Cinematography by: Michael McDonough
Edited by: Carol Littleton

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Outpost: Black Sun  (2012)

| UK
Directed by: Steve Barker
Cinematography by: Darran Tiernan
Edited by: Bill Gill, Chris Gill
Editing System:

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Grabbers  (2012)

| Ireland, UK
Directed by: Jon Wright
Cinematography by: Trevor Forrest

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The Cold Light of Day  (2012)

| USA, Spain
Directed by: Mabrouk El Mechri
Cinematography by: Remi Adefarasin
Edited by: Valerio Bonelli
Editing System:

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Wuthering Heights  (2011)

| UK
Directed by: Andrea Arnold
Cinematography by: Robbie Ryan

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5 Days of War  (2011)

| Georgia, USA
Directed by: Renny Harlin
Cinematography by: Checco Varese
Edited by: Brian Berdan

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Scream 4  (2011)

Directed by: Wes Craven
Cinematography by: Peter Deming
Edited by: Peter McNulty

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Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance  (2011)

| USA, United Arab Emirates
Cinematography by: Brandon Trost
Edited by: Brian Berdan

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There Be Dragons  (2011)

| Spain, USA
Directed by: Roland Joffé
Cinematography by: Gabriel Beristain
Edited by: Richard Nord

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Hick  (2011)

Directed by: Derick Martini
Cinematography by: Frank Godwin
Edited by: Mark Yoshikawa

Adr Recordist: UK

A Dangerous Method  (2011)

| UK, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, USA
Directed by: David Cronenberg
Cinematography by: Peter Suschitzky
Edited by: Ronald Sanders

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The Conspirator  (2010)

Directed by: Robert Redford
Cinematography by: Newton Thomas Sigel
Edited by: Craig McKay

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Barney's Version  (2010)

| Italy, Canada
Directed by: Richard J. Lewis
Cinematography by: Guy Dufaux
Edited by: Susan Shipton