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"ShotOnWhat? is a great idea. Now it’s really up to us to use the site and populate the information. This could be as big as IMDB for us techies some day."

~ Steven Poster ASC
President ICG Local 600

"With so many tools now available to Filmmakers, it’s great to have ShotOnWhat?, a comprehensive resource cataloging the technology that has been used to make the magic we see on screen."

~ James Mathers
President Digital Cinema Society

"ShotOnWhat? is a wonderful addition to the databases available on the internet. This has been long overdue to help everyone research and clarify how so many films were originated and manipulated."

~ Roberto Schaefer ASC, AIC

"ShotOnWhat? is one of those things that is so obvious once someone else invents it! Great idea and incredibly useful for all of us."

~ Geoff Boyle FBKS

"ShotOnWhat? is an important contribution to the history of cinema. Chronicling the methodology and media used to make yesterdays and todays cinema and new media gives us a benchmark for the milestones of our craft. And it may help solve more than a few cocktail debates!"

~ Bernie Laramie

"ShotOnWhat? is great idea executed by a dedicated staff of people passionate about filmmaking and the gear used to achieve the filmmaker’s vision. Schneider Optics is pleased to participate and showcase the depth of use of our products in the filmmaking industry."

~ Ryan Avery
Schneider Optics

"ShotOnWhat? has already saved me many hours of trawling through complicated web searches. The pace at which camera, lens & post technology is advancing right now makes it crucial as a film maker to reference the images we see in the cinema or the small screen back to the combination of tools used to create them. With so many potential combinations, the only way to really stay ahead of the game is to be constantly making these connections between the tools and the images. ShotOnWhat? is now my go-to source for this information."

~ Ben Allan ACS
Cinematographer & Producer

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