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Add Information - Update a Title

To add a new title or update an existing title, start typing the name and it will show in the drop down list. The search is dynamic, so as you type we continue to search for your title; the search will begin the moment you stop typing. Each letter added continues to narrow your search results.

Sometimes, when you copy and paste the title, the system is unable to locate your title, please try typing. We can also locate your title by using only some of the words or letters in your title search. ie; ‘prince caspia’ will find ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian’.

If you are unable to locate the title you wish to add, try using upper or lower case ie: ‘Dark Knight’ or ‘dark knight’. Additionally, trying using only part of the name, ie: ‘Dark Kni’ or ‘dark kni’. If you are unable to locate a particular television show, trying using quotes, “Breaking Bad”.

Please scan through the entire list as the list is not in alphabetical order. It is weighted by relevance to your query.