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Brian Begun

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Compositor: Level 256

Ride Along 2  (2016)

Directed by: Tim Story
Cinematography by: Mitchell Amundsen
Edited by: Peter S. Elliot

Visual Effects: Prologue Documentary Footage, Mirada

Pacific Rim  (2013)

Directed by: Guillermo del Toro
Cinematography by: Guillermo Navarro

Senior Compositor: Digital Domain

47 Ronin  (2013)

| USA, UK, Japan, Hungary
Directed by: Carl Rinsch
Cinematography by: John Mathieson
Edited by: Stuart Baird
Editing System:

Senior Compositor: Level 256

The Five-Year Engagement  (2012)

| USA, Japan
Directed by: Nicholas Stoller
Cinematography by: Javier Aguirresarobe

Senior Compositor: Digital Domain

Real Steel  (2011)

| USA, India
Directed by: Shawn Levy
Cinematography by: Mauro Fiore
Edited by: Dean Zimmerman
Editing System:

Lead Compositor: Pixomondo

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief  (2010)

| UK, Canada, USA
Directed by: Chris Columbus
Cinematography by: Stephen Goldblatt
Edited by: Peter Honess

Senior Digital Compositor: Digital Domain

Speed Racer  (2008)

| USA, Australia, Germany
Cinematography by: David Tattersall

Lead Compositor: Digital Domain

The Time Machine  (2002)

| USA, United Arab Emirates
Directed by: Simon Wells
Cinematography by: Donald McAlpine
Edited by: Wayne Wahrman
Editing System:

Lead Digital Compositor: Digital Domain

Star Trek: Nemesis  (2002)

Directed by: Stuart Baird
Cinematography by: Jeffrey L. Kimball
Edited by: Dallas Puett

Compositor: Tippett Studio

Evolution  (2001)

Directed by: Ivan Reitman
Cinematography by: Michael Chapman

Compositor: Rhythm & Hues

The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas  (2000)

Directed by: Brian Levant
Cinematography by: Jamie Anderson
Edited by: Kent Beyda

Digital Compositor: Rhythm & Hues

Battlefield Earth  (2000)

Directed by: Roger Christian
Cinematography by: Giles Nuttgens
Edited by: Robin Russell

Compositor: POP Film

The 13th Warrior  (1999)

Cinematography by: Peter Menzies Jr.
Edited by: John Wright

Digital Effects Compositor: POP Film

Star Trek: Insurrection  (1998)

Directed by: Jonathan Frakes
Cinematography by: Matthew F. Leonetti
Edited by: Peter E. Berger

Scanning And Recording Technician: POP Film

Doctor Dolittle  (1998)

Directed by: Betty Thomas
Cinematography by: Russell Boyd
Edited by: Peter Teschner

Scanning And Recording Technician: POP Film

Flubber  (1997)

Directed by: Les Mayfield
Cinematography by: Dean Cundey

Scanning And Recording Technician: POP Film

Volcano  (1997)

Directed by: Mick Jackson
Cinematography by: Theo van de Sande