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Brendan Gleeson

  38 Titles
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Joseph Lynch

Assassin's Creed  (2016)

| USA, France, UK, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malta
Directed by: Justin Kurzel
Cinematography by: Adam Arkapaw

Conor / Mac Lir

Song of the Sea  (2014)

| Ireland, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, France
Directed by: Tomm Moore


The Smurfs 2  (2013)

| USA, France, Canada, Belgium
Directed by: Raja Gosnell
Cinematography by: Phil Meheux
Edited by: Sabrina Plisco

The Pirate With Gout

The Pirates! Band of Misfits  (2012)

Directed by: Peter Lord, Jeff Newitt
Cinematography by: Frank Passingham
Edited by: Justin Krish

Henry Osborne

The Company You Keep  (2012)

| USA, Canada
Directed by: Robert Redford
Cinematography by: Adriano Goldman
Edited by: Mark Day

Dr. Holloran

Albert Nobbs  (2011)

| UK, Ireland, France, USA
Directed by: Rodrigo García
Cinematography by: Michael McDonough
Edited by: Steven Weisberg

Abbot Cellach

The Secret of Kells  (2009)

| France, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, USA, Denmark, Brazil, Germany, Austria, Hungary
Directed by: Tomm Moore, Nora Twomey

Darren Perrier

Perrier's Bounty  (2009)

| Ireland, UK
Directed by: Ian Fitzgibbon
Cinematography by: Seamus Deasy
Edited by: Tony Cranstoun

Alastor 'Mad-Eye' Moody

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix  (2007)

Directed by: David Yates
Cinematography by: Slawomir Idziak
Edited by: Mark Day


Beowulf  (2007)

Directed by: Robert Zemeckis
Cinematography by: Robert Presley

Liam O'Leary / The Double

The Tiger's Tail  (2006)

| Ireland, UK
Directed by: John Boorman
Cinematography by: Seamus Deasy
Edited by: Ron Davis

John Joe Kenny

Breakfast on Pluto  (2005)

| Ireland, UK
Directed by: Neil Jordan
Cinematography by: Declan Quinn
Edited by: Tony Lawson

Reynald De Chatillon

Kingdom of Heaven  (2005)

| UK, Germany, Spain, Morocco, USA
Directed by: Ridley Scott
Cinematography by: John Mathieson
Edited by: Dody Dorn

Col. De Jager

In My Country  (2004)

| UK, Ireland, South Africa
Directed by: John Boorman
Cinematography by: Seamus Deasy
Edited by: Ron Davis


Six Shooter  (2004)

| UK, Ireland
Directed by: Martin McDonagh
Cinematography by: Baz Irvine
Edited by: Nicolas Gaster

Jack Van Meter

Dark Blue  (2002)

| USA, UK, Germany
Directed by: Ron Shelton
Cinematography by: Barry Peterson

Lord Johnson-Johnson

A.I. Artificial Intelligence  (2001)

Directed by: Steven Spielberg
Cinematography by: Janusz Kaminski
Edited by: Michael Kahn


Turbulence  (1997)

Directed by: Robert Butler
Cinematography by: Lloyd Ahern II
Edited by: John Duffy

Liam Tobin

Michael Collins  (1996)

| UK, Ireland, USA
Directed by: Neil Jordan
Cinematography by: Chris Menges