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Cody Laudan

  36 Titles
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Stunt Performer

Seventh Son  (2014)

| USA, UK, Canada, China
Directed by: Sergei Bodrov
Cinematography by: Newton Thomas Sigel

Stunt Double: Grant Gustin

'The Flash' Things You Can't Outrun  (2014)

Directed by: Jesse Warn
Cinematography by: C. Kim Miles
Edited by: Harry Jierjian

Stunt Double: Grant Gustin

'The Flash' Pilot  (2014)

Directed by: David Nutter
Cinematography by: Glen Winter
Edited by: Paul Karasick

Stunt Double: Grant Gustin

'The Flash' Fastest Man Alive  (2014)

Directed by: David Nutter
Cinematography by: Jeffrey C. Mygatt
Edited by: Paul Karasick

Stunt Double: Grant Gustin / Stunts - 4 Episodes, 2014-2018

The Flash  (2014)


Stunt Double: Leon

Resident Evil: Retribution  (2012)

| Germany, Canada, USA, France, UK
Directed by: Paul W.S. Anderson
Cinematography by: Glen MacPherson
Edited by: Niven Howie

Stunt Double: James D'Arcy

In Their Skin  (2012)

| Canada
Cinematography by: Norm Li
Edited by: Austin Andrews

Stunt Double: Nicholas D'Agosto

Final Destination 5  (2011)

| USA, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong
Directed by: Steven Quale
Cinematography by: Brian Pearson
Edited by: Eric A. Sears
Editing System:

Stunt Driver

The Big Year  (2011)

| USA, Canada
Directed by: David Frankel
Cinematography by: Lawrence Sher
Edited by: Mark Livolsi

End Of The Line Club Bouncer, Stunt Bouncer

Tron  (2010)

Directed by: Joseph Kosinski
Cinematography by: Claudio Miranda
Edited by: James Haygood
Editing System:

Stunt Double: Jared Keeso

I Love You, Beth Cooper  (2009)

| Canada, USA
Directed by: Chris Columbus
Cinematography by: Phil Abraham
Edited by: Peter Honess


Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins  (2009)

| USA, Canada
Directed by: Brian Levant
Cinematography by: Jan Kiesser
Edited by: Eric Osmond

Kid In Car, Stunts

Kill Switch  (2008)

| Canada, USA
Directed by: Jeff King
Cinematography by: Tom Harting
Edited by: Jamie Alain

Stunt Double: Johnny Lewis

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem  (2007)

Cinematography by: Daniel Pearl
Edited by: Dan Zimmerman

Stunt Double: Bill Hader

Hot Rod  (2007)

Directed by: Akiva Schaffer
Cinematography by: Andrew Dunn
Edited by: Malcolm Campbell


The Invisible  (2007)

| USA, Sweden
Directed by: David S. Goyer
Cinematography by: Gabriel Beristain
Edited by: Conrad Smart

Stunt Actor: Soldier

Night at the Museum  (2006)

Directed by: Shawn Levy
Cinematography by: Guillermo Navarro
Edited by: Don Zimmerman

Stunt Double

Nacho Libre  (2006)

| Germany, USA
Directed by: Jared Hess
Cinematography by: Xavier Grobet
Edited by: Billy Weber

Stunt Double

She's the Man  (2006)

| USA, Canada
Directed by: Andy Fickman
Cinematography by: Greg Gardiner
Edited by: Michael Jablow


Fantastic Four  (2005)

| USA, Germany
Directed by: Tim Story
Cinematography by: Oliver Wood
Edited by: William Hoy

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