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Élodie Ichter

  46 Titles
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Second Digital Colorist

Child 44  (2015)

| Czech Republic, UK, USA, Russia
Directed by: Daniel Espinosa
Cinematography by: Oliver Wood

Colorist Assist: Efilm

Monte Carlo  (2011)

| Hungary, USA
Directed by: Thomas Bezucha
Cinematography by: Jonathan Brown
Edited by: Jeffrey Ford

Color Timing Assistant: Efilm

We Bought a Zoo  (2011)

Directed by: Cameron Crowe
Cinematography by: Rodrigo Prieto
Edited by: Mark Livolsi

Colorist Assist: Efilm

In the Land of Blood and Honey  (2011)

Directed by: Angelina Jolie
Cinematography by: Dean Semler
Edited by: Patricia Rommel

Colorist Assist: EFilm

The Runaways  (2010)

Directed by: Floria Sigismondi
Cinematography by: Benoît Debie
Edited by: Richard Chew

Colorist Assist: EFilm

The Next Three Days  (2010)

| USA, France
Directed by: Paul Haggis
Cinematography by: Stéphane Fontaine
Edited by: Jo Francis

Colorist Assist: Efilm

Marmaduke  (2010)

Directed by: Tom Dey
Cinematography by: Greg Gardiner
Edited by: Don Zimmerman

Digital Intermediate Editor

The Invention of Lying  (2009)

Cinematography by: Tim Suhrstedt
Edited by: Chris Gill

Digital Intermediate Editor: Deluxe Digital

Exam  (2009)

| UK
Directed by: Stuart Hazeldine
Cinematography by: Tim Wooster

Digital Intermediate Editor

The Duchess  (2008)

| UK, Italy, France, USA
Directed by: Saul Dibb
Cinematography by: Gyula Pados

Digital Intermediate Editor

Goodbye Bafana  (2007)

| Germany, France, Belgium, South Africa, Italy, UK, Luxembourg
Directed by: Bille August
Cinematography by: Robert Fraisse
Edited by: Hervé Schneid

Digital Intermediate Editor

La face cachée  (2007)

| Belgium, France
Directed by: Bernard Campan
Cinematography by: Matthieu Poirot-Delpech

Lustre Assistant: Duboicolor

The Last Legion  (2007)

| UK, France, Slovakia, Tunisia, Italy, Bulgaria
Directed by: Doug Lefler
Cinematography by: Marco Pontecorvo
Edited by: Simon Cozens

Digital Intermediate Editor

Le deuxième souffle  (2007)

| France
Directed by: Alain Corneau
Cinematography by: Yves Angelo

Digital Intermediate Editor

Prête-moi ta main  (2006)

| France
Directed by: Eric Lartigau
Cinematography by: Régis Blondeau

Digital Intermediate Editor

Nuovomondo  (2006)

| Italy, France, Argentina
Directed by: Emanuele Crialese
Cinematography by: Agnès Godard

Digital Intermediate Editor

March of the Penguins  (2005)

| France
Directed by: Luc Jacquet
Cinematography by: Laurent Chalet, Jérôme Maison
Edited by: Sabine Emiliani

Scanner Operator

Alexander  (2004)

| USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy, Morocco, Thailand
Directed by: Oliver Stone
Cinematography by: Rodrigo Prieto