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Ben Kingsley

  41 Titles
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Papa Rudy

The Walk  (2015)

Directed by: Robert Zemeckis
Cinematography by: Dariusz Wolski

Mazer Rackham

Ender's Game  (2013)

Directed by: Gavin Hood
Cinematography by: Donald McAlpine


Journey to Mecca  (2009)

| Canada, USA
Directed by: Bruce Neibaur
Cinematography by: Matthew Williams
Edited by: Jean-Marie Drot

Guru Tugginmypudha

The Love Guru  (2008)

| UK, Germany, USA
Directed by: Marco Schnabel
Cinematography by: Peter Deming


Fifty Dead Men Walking  (2008)

| UK, Canada
Directed by: Kari Skogland
Cinematography by: Jonathan Freeman
Edited by: Jim Munro

Dr. Squires

The Wackness  (2008)

Directed by: Jonathan Levine
Cinematography by: Petra Korner
Edited by: Josh Noyes


Transsiberian  (2008)

| UK, Germany, Spain, Lithuania
Directed by: Brad Anderson
Cinematography by: Xavi Giménez
Edited by: Jaume Martí

Ambrosinus / Merlin

The Last Legion  (2007)

| UK, France, Slovakia, Tunisia, Italy, Bulgaria
Directed by: Doug Lefler
Cinematography by: Marco Pontecorvo
Edited by: Simon Cozens

Ben Kingsley

'The Sopranos' Luxury Lounge  (2006)

Directed by: Danny Leiner
Cinematography by: Phil Abraham
Edited by: Sidney Wolinsky

The Rabbi

Lucky Number Slevin  (2006)

| Germany, UK, USA, Canada
Directed by: Paul McGuigan
Cinematography by: Peter Sova
Edited by: Andrew Hulme


Oliver Twist  (2005)

| Czech Republic, UK, France, Italy
Directed by: Roman Polanski
Cinematography by: Pawel Edelman
Edited by: Hervé de Luze

Charles Hatton

A Sound of Thunder  (2005)

| Czech Republic, UK, Germany, USA
Directed by: Peter Hyams
Cinematography by: Peter Hyams
Edited by: Sylvie Landra

Benjamin O'Ryan

Suspect Zero  (2004)

| UK, Germany, USA
Directed by: E. Elias Merhige
Cinematography by: Michael Chapman

The Hood

Thunderbirds  (2004)

| UK, France, USA
Directed by: Jonathan Frakes
Cinematography by: Brendan Galvin
Edited by: Martin Walsh

Don Logan

Sexy Beast  (2000)

| UK, Spain
Directed by: Jonathan Glazer
Cinematography by: Ivan Bird

Xavier Fitch

Species  (1995)

Directed by: Roger Donaldson
Cinematography by: Andrzej Bartkowiak
Edited by: Conrad Buff IV

Dr. Roberto Miranda

Death and the Maiden  (1994)

| UK, France, USA
Directed by: Roman Polanski
Cinematography by: Tonino Delli Colli
Edited by: Hervé de Luze

Bruce Pandolfini

Searching for Bobby Fischer  (1993)

Directed by: Steven Zaillian
Cinematography by: Conrad L. Hall
Edited by: Wayne Wahrman


Sneakers  (1992)

Directed by: Phil Alden Robinson
Cinematography by: John Lindley
Edited by: Tom Rolf

Meyer Lansky

Bugsy  (1991)

Directed by: Barry Levinson
Cinematography by: Allen Daviau


Slipstream  (1989)

| UK
Directed by: Steven Lisberger
Cinematography by: Frank Tidy
Edited by: Terry Rawlings

Dr. Watson

Without a Clue  (1988)

| UK
Directed by: Thom Eberhardt
Cinematography by: Alan Hume
Edited by: Peter Tanner

Dmitri Shostakovich

Testimony  (1987)

| Netherlands, UK, Denmark, West Germany, Sweden
Directed by: Tony Palmer
Cinematography by: Nicholas D. Knowland
Edited by: Tony Palmer

Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi  (1982) oscar-icon

| UK, India, USA
Cinematography by: Ronnie Taylor, Billy Williams
Edited by: John Bloom