Chad Knorr

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Stunt Performer

'Blue Bloods' The Extra Mile  (2016)

Directed by: John Behring
Cinematography by: Gene Engels
Edited by: David Ray

Stunt Performer

'The Good Wife' Verdict  (2016)

Directed by: Michael Zinberg
Cinematography by: Tim Guinness

Stunt Actor: Officer John Sproles

'Blue Bloods' The Poor Door  (2015)

Directed by: Alex Chapple
Cinematography by: Craig DiBona
Edited by: Jackeline Tejada

Precision Driver

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty  (2013)

| USA, UK, Canada, Australia
Directed by: Ben Stiller
Cinematography by: Stuart Dryburgh
Edited by: Greg Hayden

Stunt Performer / Stunt Actor: Officer John Sproles / Stunt Driver

Blue Bloods  (2010)


Stunt Driver

The Happening  (2008)

| USA, India
Directed by: M. Night Shyamalan
Cinematography by: Tak Fujimoto
Edited by: Conrad Buff IV

Stunt Driver

The Mysteries of Pittsburgh  (2008)

| USA, Bahrain
Cinematography by: Michael Barrett
Edited by: Barbara Tulliver

Officer #2 (uncredited)

World Trade Center  (2006)

Directed by: Oliver Stone
Cinematography by: Seamus McGarvey

ShotOnWhat is Broken.