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Val Crawford

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Makeup Effects Crew

Green Room  (2015)

Directed by: Jeremy Saulnier
Cinematography by: Sean Porter
Edited by: Julia Bloch

Finisher: KNB EFX Group, Inc.

Dolphin Tale 2  (2014)

Cinematography by: Daryn Okada

Special Makeup Effects Crew: AFX Studio

The Cabin in the Woods  (2011)

Directed by: Drew Goddard
Cinematography by: Peter Deming
Edited by: Lisa Lassek

Hair/fur Department: Alterian

Gentlemen Broncos  (2009)

Directed by: Jared Hess
Cinematography by: Munn Powell
Edited by: Yuka Ruell

Hair/fur Department

Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant  (2009)

Directed by: Paul Weitz
Cinematography by: James M. Muro
Edited by: Leslie Jones

Hair/fur Department: Autonomous FX

Space Buddies  (2009)

| USA, Canada
Directed by: Robert Vince
Cinematography by: Kamal Derkaoui
Edited by: Kelly Herron

Special Effects Art Department: Stan Winston Studio

Eight Below  (2006)

Directed by: Frank Marshall
Cinematography by: Don Burgess

Finisher: Amalgamated Dynamics Inc.

Failure to Launch  (2006)

Directed by: Tom Dey
Cinematography by: Claudio Miranda
Edited by: Steven Rosenblum

Hair/fur Department: ADI

The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause  (2006)

Directed by: Michael Lembeck
Cinematography by: Robbie Greenberg
Edited by: David Finfer

Hair/fur Department

Charlotte's Web  (2006)

| USA, Germany, Australia
Directed by: Gary Winick
Cinematography by: Seamus McGarvey

Fur Department: The Character Shop

Willard  (2003)

| Canada, USA
Directed by: Glen Morgan
Cinematography by: Robert McLachlan
Edited by: James Coblentz

Fabricator: Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc.

Scary Movie 3  (2003)

| USA, Canada
Directed by: David Zucker
Cinematography by: Mark Irwin

Lead Hair Technician: Edge FX / Puppeteer

The Rundown  (2003)

Directed by: Peter Berg
Cinematography by: Tobias A. Schliessler
Edited by: Richard Pearson

Hair & Fabrication: K.N.B. EFX Group

Murder by Numbers  (2002)

Directed by: Barbet Schroeder
Cinematography by: Luciano Tovoli
Edited by: Lee Percy

Special Effects Technician: AFX

Dragonfly  (2002)

| USA, Germany
Directed by: Tom Shadyac
Cinematography by: Dean Semler
Edited by: Don Zimmerman

Hair/fur Department

Scary Movie 2  (2001)

| USA, Canada
Directed by: Keenen Ivory Wayans
Cinematography by: Steven Bernstein

Hair/fur Department

Evolution  (2001)

Directed by: Ivan Reitman
Cinematography by: Michael Chapman