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Stuart Morton

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Music Editor

Florence Foster Jenkins  (2016)

| UK, France
Directed by: Stephen Frears
Cinematography by: Danny Cohen
Edited by: Valerio Bonelli

Sound Effects Editor

Son of a Gun  (2014)

| Australia, UK, Canada
Directed by: Julius Avery
Cinematography by: Nigel Bluck
Edited by: Jack Hutchings

Sound Effects Editor

I, Frankenstein  (2014)

| USA, Australia
Directed by: Stuart Beattie
Cinematography by: Ross Emery
Edited by: Marcus D'Arcy

Sound Effects Editor

Walking with Dinosaurs 3D  (2013)

| USA, UK, Australia
Cinematography by: John Brooks
Edited by: John Carnochan

Sound Effects Editor / Supervising Sound Editor

Battle Ground  (2013)

| Australia
Cinematography by: Glenn Hanns
Edited by: Adrian Powers

Assistant Music Editor

Vantage Point  (2008)

Directed by: Pete Travis
Cinematography by: Amir Mokri
Edited by: Stuart Baird

Sound Editor

Hannibal Rising  (2007)

| UK, Czech Republic, France, Italy, USA
Directed by: Peter Webber
Cinematography by: Ben Davis

Sound Editor

Black Book  (2006)

| Netherlands, Germany, UK, Belgium
Directed by: Paul Verhoeven
Cinematography by: Karl Walter Lindenlaub

Assistant Music Editor

River Queen  (2005)

| New Zealand, UK
Directed by: Vincent Ward
Cinematography by: Alun Bollinger
Edited by: Ewa J. Lind

Assistant Music Editor

Tideland  (2005)

| UK, Canada
Directed by: Terry Gilliam
Cinematography by: Nicola Pecorini
Edited by: Lesley Walker

Sound Editor

Renegade  (2004)

| France, Mexico, UK
Directed by: Jan Kounen
Cinematography by: Tetsuo Nagata

Assistant Music Editor

Alfie  (2004)

Directed by: Charles Shyer
Cinematography by: Ashley Rowe
Edited by: Padraic McKinley

Sound Editor

Alexander  (2004)

| USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy, Morocco, Thailand
Directed by: Oliver Stone
Cinematography by: Rodrigo Prieto

Assistant Sound Editor

Styx  (2001)

Directed by: Alex Wright
Cinematography by: Russell j Lyster
Edited by: Liz Webber

Assistant Sound Editor

Best Laid Plans  (1999)

Directed by: Mike Barker
Cinematography by: Ben Seresin
Edited by: Sloane Klevin

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