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Elizabeth Sung

  41 Titles
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Yen Fu

Front Cover  (2015)

Directed by: Ray Yeung
Cinematography by: Eun-ah Lee
Edited by: Joseph Gutowski

Adr Voice, Loop Artist

RoboCop  (2014)

Directed by: José Padilha
Cinematography by: Lula Carvalho

On-set Dialect Coach

Balls of Fury  (2007)

Directed by: Robert Ben Garant
Cinematography by: Thomas E. Ackerman
Edited by: John Refoua

Mrs. Wang

Ping Pong Playa  (2007)

Directed by: Jessica Yu
Cinematography by: Frank G. DeMarco
Edited by: Zene Baker

Marilyn Park

'House M.D.' Love Hurts  (2005)

Directed by: Bryan Spicer
Cinematography by: Roy H. Wagner
Edited by: Marta Evry

Cynthia Katsu

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation  (2000)

| USA, Canada

Technician #1

The Puppet Masters  (1994)

Directed by: Stuart Orme
Cinematography by: Clive Tickner

Second Wife

The Joy Luck Club  (1993)

| USA, China
Directed by: Wayne Wang
Cinematography by: Amir Mokri
Edited by: Maysie Hoy

Ms. Ling

Death Ring  (1992)

Directed by: R.J. Kizer
Cinematography by: Glenn Kershaw
Edited by: Kim Secrist