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Aaron Douglas

  30 Titles
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Russell Glosson / The Turtle

'The Flash' Potential Energy  (2016)

Directed by: Rob Hardy
Cinematography by: Stewart Whelan
Edited by: Nathan Draper

Russell Glosson / The Turtle

'The Flash' The Reverse-Flash Returns  (2016)

Directed by: Michael A. Allowitz
Cinematography by: C. Kim Miles
Edited by: Chris Conlee

Fendrake The Healer

'Once Upon a Time' Devil's Due  (2016)

Directed by: Alrick Riley
Cinematography by: Stephen Jackson
Edited by: Mark Goldman

Tom Sworn

'Hemlock Grove' The Angel  (2013)

| USA, Canada
Directed by: Deran Sarafian
Cinematography by: Fernando Argüelles
Edited by: Don Cassidy

Front Desk Officer

Shattered  (2007)

| UK, Canada, USA
Directed by: Mike Barker
Cinematography by: Ashley Rowe

Agency Partner

Man About Town  (2006)

Directed by: Mike Binder
Cinematography by: Russ T. Alsobrook
Edited by: Roger Nygard

Asst. DA #1

The Exorcism of Emily Rose  (2005)

Directed by: Scott Derrickson
Cinematography by: Tom Stern
Edited by: Jeff Betancourt

Young Father

White Noise  (2005)

| UK, Canada, USA
Directed by: Geoffrey Sax
Cinematography by: Chris Seager
Edited by: Nick Arthurs

Young Meccan Soldier

The Chronicles of Riddick  (2004)

Directed by: David Twohy
Cinematography by: Hugh Johnson

Casino Stickman

Walking Tall  (2004)

Directed by: Kevin Bray
Cinematography by: Glen MacPherson

Deputy Steve

Final Destination 2  (2003)

| USA, Canada
Directed by: David R. Ellis
Cinematography by: Gary Capo
Edited by: Eric A. Sears

Scientist #3

Paycheck  (2003)

| USA, Canada
Directed by: John Woo
Cinematography by: Jeffrey L. Kimball

Stryker Soldier

X2: X-Men United  (2003)

| Canada, USA
Directed by: Bryan Singer
Cinematography by: Newton Thomas Sigel

Paparazzi #2

The Lizzie McGuire Movie  (2003)

Directed by: Jim Fall
Cinematography by: Jerzy Zielinski

Patrolman #1

Stealing Sinatra  (2003)

Directed by: Ron Underwood
Cinematography by: Brian Pearson
Edited by: Tina Hirsch