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Rachel Weisz

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Alice Manning

Complete Unknown  (2016)

Directed by: Joshua Marston
Cinematography by: Christos Voudouris
Edited by: Malcolm Jamieson

Lena Ballinger

Youth  (2015)

| Italy, France, UK, Switzerland
Directed by: Paolo Sorrentino
Cinematography by: Luca Bigazzi

Hester Collyer

The Deep Blue Sea  (2011)

| UK, Australia
Directed by: Terence Davies
Cinematography by: Florian Hoffmeister
Edited by: David Charap

Nancy Pierpan

Page Eight  (2011)

| UK
Directed by: David Hare
Cinematography by: Martin Ruhe
Edited by: Jinx Godfrey


Dream House  (2011)

| USA, Canada
Directed by: Jim Sheridan
Cinematography by: Caleb Deschanel


Agora  (2009)

| Spain, Malta, Bulgaria
Directed by: Alejandro Amenábar
Cinematography by: Xavi Giménez


The Brothers Bloom  (2008)

Directed by: Rian Johnson
Cinematography by: Steve Yedlin
Edited by: Gabriel Wrye

Sue Lynne

My Blueberry Nights  (2007)

| Hong Kong, China, France, USA
Directed by: Kar-Wai Wong
Cinematography by: Darius Khondji, Pung-Leung Kwan
Edited by: William Chang


Eragon  (2006)

| USA, UK, Hungary
Directed by: Stefen Fangmeier
Cinematography by: Hugh Johnson

Isabel Creo

The Fountain  (2006)

| Canada, USA
Directed by: Darren Aronofsky
Cinematography by: Matthew Libatique
Edited by: Jay Rabinowitz

Angela Dodson / Isabel Dodson

Constantine  (2005)

| USA, Germany
Directed by: Francis Lawrence
Cinematography by: Philippe Rousselot
Edited by: Wayne Wahrman


Confidence  (2003)

| USA, Canada, Germany
Directed by: James Foley
Cinematography by: Juan Ruiz Anchía
Edited by: Stuart Levy

Evelyn Ann Thompson, Producer

The Shape of Things  (2003)

| USA, France, UK
Directed by: Neil LaBute
Cinematography by: James L. Carter
Edited by: Joel Plotch


Runaway Jury  (2003)

Directed by: Gary Fleder
Cinematography by: Robert Elswit


About a Boy  (2002)

| UK, USA, France, Germany
Directed by: Chris Weitz, Paul Weitz
Cinematography by: Remi Adefarasin
Edited by: Nick Moore
Editing System:

Tania Chernova

Enemy at the Gates  (2001)

| UK, France, Germany, Ireland, USA
Directed by: Jean-Jacques Annaud
Cinematography by: Robert Fraisse


Sunshine  (1999)

| Germany, Austria, Canada, Hungary, France, UK, USA
Directed by: István Szabó
Cinematography by: Lajos Koltai

Ag (Agapanthus)

The Land Girls  (1998)

| UK, France
Directed by: David Leland
Cinematography by: Henry Braham
Edited by: Nick Moore


Bent  (1997)

| UK, Japan
Directed by: Sean Mathias
Cinematography by: Giorgos Arvanitis
Edited by: Isabelle Lorente


Stealing Beauty  (1996)

| Italy, France, UK
Directed by: Bernardo Bertolucci
Cinematography by: Darius Khondji
Edited by: Pietro Scalia

Dr. Lily Sinclair

Chain Reaction  (1996)

Directed by: Andrew Davis
Cinematography by: Frank Tidy