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Henri Lubatti

  46 Titles
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Agent Alain Bouchard

'Person of Interest' Provenance  (2014)

Directed by: Jeffrey G. Hunt
Cinematography by: Manuel Billeter
Edited by: Mark Conte

Nigel Beckford

'True Blood' In the Beginning  (2012)

Directed by: Michael Ruscio
Cinematography by: David Klein
Edited by: Mark Hartzell

Bobby's Reaper

'Supernatural' Death's Door  (2011)

Directed by: Robert Singer
Cinematography by: Serge Ladouceur
Edited by: Nicole Baer

Steve Cahill

'Burn Notice' Hard Out  (2011)

Directed by: Craig Siebels
Cinematography by: Bart Tau
Edited by: Casey Brown

Master Chef

'House M.D.' Fidelity  (2004)

Directed by: Bryan Spicer
Cinematography by: Walt Lloyd
Edited by: Bill Johnson

Jovan Myovic

'24' 3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.  (2002)

Directed by: Stephen Hopkins
Cinematography by: Rodney Charters
Edited by: Scott Powell

Jovan Myovic

'24' 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m.  (2002)

Directed by: Jon Cassar
Cinematography by: Peter Levy

Head Vampire Employee

'Angel' The Prodigal  (2000)

Directed by: Bruce Seth Green
Cinematography by: Herbert Davis
Edited by: Mark S. Westmore

Charlie Pincher

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation  (2000)

| USA, Canada

Dr. Wilkenson

'The X-Files' Mind's Eye  (1998)

Directed by: Kim Manners
Cinematography by: Joel Ransom
Edited by: Casey O. Rohrs