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Tim Matheson

  39 Titles
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Larry Sizemore

'Burn Notice' Dead to Rights  (2011)

Directed by: Matt Nix
Cinematography by: Bart Tau
Edited by: Steven Lang

Larry Sizemore

'Burn Notice' Enemies Closer  (2010)

Directed by: Kevin Bray
Cinematography by: William Wages
Edited by: Steven Lang

Director, Larry Sizemore

'Burn Notice' Double Booked  (2008)

Directed by: Tim Matheson
Cinematography by: William Wages
Edited by: Steven Lang


'Psych' 65 Million Years Off  (2007)

| USA, Canada
Directed by: Tim Matheson
Cinematography by: Michael McMurray
Edited by: Eric Jenkins

Producer 1

Don't Come Knocking  (2005)

| UK, France, Germany, USA
Directed by: Wim Wenders
Cinematography by: Franz Lustig

Oliver Tate

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation  (2000)

| USA, Canada

Harlan Siler

She's All That  (1999)

Directed by: Robert Iscove
Cinematography by: Francis Kenny
Edited by: Casey O. Rohrs

Roy Martin / Trevor Thomas

A Very Brady Sequel  (1996)

Directed by: Arlene Sanford
Cinematography by: Mac Ahlberg

Jack O'Neill

Speed Zone  (1989)

| Canada
Directed by: Jim Drake
Cinematography by: François Protat, Robert Saad
Edited by: Michael Economou

Alan Stanwyk

Fletch  (1985)

Directed by: Michael Ritchie
Cinematography by: Fred Schuler


Impulse  (1984)

Directed by: Graham Baker
Cinematography by: Thomas Del Ruth
Edited by: David Holden