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Marlon Brando

  18 Titles
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Dr. Jack Mickler

Don Juan DeMarco  (1994)

Directed by: Jeremy Leven
Cinematography by: Ralf D. Bode
Edited by: Antony Gibbs

Don Vito Corleone

In the Name of the Father  (1993)

| Ireland, UK, USA
Directed by: Jim Sheridan
Cinematography by: Peter Biziou
Edited by: Gerry Hambling

Carmine Sabatini

The Freshman  (1990)

Directed by: Andrew Bergman
Cinematography by: William A. Fraker
Edited by: Barry Malkin

Adam Steiffel

The Formula  (1980)

| West Germany, USA
Directed by: John G. Avildsen
Cinematography by: James Crabe
Edited by: John Carter


The Chase  (1966)

Directed by: Arthur Penn
Cinematography by: Joseph LaShelle
Edited by: Gene Milford

Director, Rio

One-Eyed Jacks  (1961)

Directed by: Marlon Brando
Cinematography by: Charles Lang
Edited by: Archie Marshek

Lt. Christian Diestl

The Young Lions  (1958)

Directed by: Edward Dmytryk
Cinematography by: Joseph MacDonald
Edited by: Dorothy Spencer

Terry Malloy

On the Waterfront  (1954) oscar-icon

Directed by: Elia Kazan
Cinematography by: Boris Kaufman
Edited by: Gene Milford

Johnny Strabler

The Wild One  (1953)

Directed by: Laslo Benedek
Cinematography by: Hal Mohr
Edited by: Al Clark

Mark Antony

Julius Caesar  (1953)

Cinematography by: Joseph Ruttenberg
Edited by: John D. Dunning

Stanley Kowalski

A Streetcar Named Desire  (1951)

Directed by: Elia Kazan
Cinematography by: Harry Stradling Sr.
Edited by: David Weisbart