The GWARnage Campaign   (2002)

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The GWARnage Campaign Technical Specifications

Country | USA
Type |
Language | English
Genres | Comedy, Music, Sci-Fi
Aspect Ratio |

Principal Photography | 10/31/2000 ~ 10/31/2000.

Directed by | Mark Walpole
Cinematography by | Mark Walpole
Edited by | Mark Walpole

Starring ~ Dave Brockie, Balsac the Jaws of Death, Flattus Maximus

Angenieux HP Zoom Lenses (For 35mm Camera)
Schneider Xenoplan Lenses (For 16mm Camera)
Lens Manufacturer
Angenieux ~ Lens Maker (For 25mm Film Camera )
Schneider Optics ~ Lens Maker (For 16mm Camera )
Camera Aperture
Incandescent Lighting (stage lighting)
Sound Systems
Stereo (venue board to DAT)
Audio Sample Rate
Audio Bit Depth
Distribution Resolution
Distribution Medium
DVD (4x3)
Editing System
Editing Method
Non Linear Editing (FCP 1.2.5)
Finishing System
Finishing Method
Analog Video Process (mini DV Project)
Capture - Codecs & Formats
DVCAM (Film Transfer)
Film Manufacturer
Film Negative Stock
Film Negative Width
Film Negative Pulldown
1-Perf Pulldown (for Bolex 16mm)
4-Perf Pulldown (For Arri 3)
Camera Negative Orientation
Project Frame Rate
24 fps Project Frame Rate (For Film Cameras)
29.97 fps Project Frame Rate (For MiniDV cameras)
Distributed Frame Rate
Distributed Aspect Ratio
Shooting Regions
District of Columbia (9:30 Club)
Shooting Space
Theatre (9:30 Club)
Notes & More Information
Shot at 9:30 Club, Washington DC. Edited on Final Cut Pro ver. 1.2.5
Directed by
Cinematography by
Edited by
Produced by
Executive Producer
Oderus (as David Murray Brockie)
Balsaq (as Mike Derks)
Himself (as Tim Harris)
Jizmak Da Gusha
The GWARnage Campaign - modified: [20283][440409]

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