Airport   (1970)

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Airport Technical Specifications

Country | USA
Running Time | 137 Minutes
Type |
Language | English, Italian
Genres | Action, Drama, Thriller
Aspect Ratio |

Production Dates | 1969-01-27
Release Information

Directed by | George Seaton, Henry Hathaway
Cinematography by | Ernest Laszlo
Edited by | Stuart Gilmore

Starring ~ Burt Lancaster, Dean Martin, George Kennedy

Camera Aperture
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Finishing System
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Associate Producer
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Production Management
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Original Music by
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Art Direction by
Art Director
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Costume Design by
Second Unit & Assistant Directors
Assistant Director
Assistant Director (uncredited)
Camera & Electrical Department
Second Cinematographer (uncredited)
Gaffer (uncredited)
Lighting Technician (uncredited)
Rigging Gaffer (uncredited)
Visual Effects Department
Special Photographic Effects: Film Effects Of Hollywood
Special Photographic Effects: Film Effects Of Hollywood
Special Visual Effects Designer (uncredited)
Digital Restoration Producer: Cinesite (uncredited)
Special Photographic Effects (uncredited)
Special Photographic Effects (uncredited)
Digital Restoration Supervisor (uncredited)
Digital Restoration Coordinator: Cinesite (uncredited)
Art Department
Assistant Property Master (uncredited)
Sound Department
Makeup Department
Hair Stylist
Music Department
Music Editor
Composer: Additional Music
Musician: Bass
Composer: Additional Music
Mel Bakersfeld
Vernon Demerest
Tanya Livingston
Gwen Meighen
Ada Quonsett
D.O. Guerrero
Inez Guerrero
Anson Harris
Harry Standish
Sarah Demerest
Cy Jordan
Peter Coakley
Mrs. Harriet DuBarry Mossman
Commissioner Ackerman
Marcus Rathbone
Mr. Davidson
Mrs. Schultz
Judy Barton
Dr. Compagno
Capt. Benson - Pilot
Bert Weatherby
Robbie Bakersfeld
Libby Bakersfeld (as Lisa Gerritson)
Father Steven Lonigan (as Jim Nolan)
Joan - Stewardess
Ruth - Stewardess
Maria - Stewardess
Sally - Stewardess
Lt. Ned Ordway
Marie Patroni (as Jodean Russo)
Mr. Schultz
Schuyler Schultz
Sister Katherine Grace
Sister Felice
Dispatcher (uncredited)
Man On Dias / Man At Club (uncredited)
Mrs. Burt Ball - Passenger (uncredited)
William Downey - Passenger (uncredited)
Pietro Carmona - Passenger (uncredited)
Mrs. Portola (uncredited)
Jennifer Barry - Passenger (uncredited)
Gilbert Price - Passenger (uncredited)
Rabbi Leo Bernstein - Passenger (uncredited)
Airport Bus Driver (uncredited)
Virginia Lopez - Passenger (uncredited)
New York Dispatcher (uncredited)
Jack Ingram (uncredited)
Dee Gilroy - Passenger (uncredited)
Jack Stone - Passenger (uncredited)
Mrs. David Corman - Passenger (uncredited)
Dr. Nash (uncredited)
Florence (uncredited)
Dr. Henry Bron - Passenger (uncredited)
Anne Gordon - Passenger (uncredited)
Carol Blake - Passenger (uncredited)
Mrs. William Donovan - Passenger (uncredited)
Nick Valli - Passenger (uncredited)
Elizabeth Yorker - Passenger (uncredited)
Loretta Manning - Passenger (uncredited)
Ben Bradley - Passenger (uncredited)
Co-Pilot Crowley (uncredited)
Frank (uncredited)
Ingram's Assistant - Passenger (uncredited)
Douglas (uncredited)
Cab Driver (uncredited)
Kay Hart - Passenger (uncredited)
Jack Elliott - Passenger (uncredited)
Dr. Grant (uncredited)
Maurice David - Passenger (uncredited)
Elegant Woman - Passenger (uncredited)
Richard Kalin - Passenger (uncredited)
Carlo Di Tomaso - Passenger (uncredited)
Millie Miles - Passenger (uncredited)
Roger Whitney - Passenger (uncredited)
Antonio Piace - Passenger (uncredited)
David Corman - Passenger (uncredited)
Controller #1 - Minneapolis (uncredited)
Irwin Jansen - Passenger (uncredited)
Sgt. Edward Washington - Passenger (uncredited)
Dr. Avery Smith - Passenger (uncredited)
Professor Charles Ruch - Passenger (uncredited)
Charlie Kaplan - Passenger (uncredited)
Mrs. Cary Jay - Passenger (uncredited)
Chester Jennings - Passenger (uncredited)
Mrs. Alan Bramson - Passenger (uncredited)
Mr. Donovan - Passenger (uncredited)
Mrs. Ben Bradley - Passenger (uncredited)
Inspector Frank Barrow (uncredited)
Sterling (uncredited)
Red Cap (uncredited)
James Mott - Passenger (uncredited)
Bea (uncredited)
Cindy's Father (uncredited)
Jack Dunlap - Passenger (uncredited)
Mark Harris - Passenger (uncredited)
Italian Boy On Plane (uncredited)
Praying Father (uncredited)
Mrs. Williams - Passenger (uncredited)
Harold Lopez - Passenger (uncredited)
Mrs. Gertrude Cochran - Passenger (uncredited)
Controller #2 (uncredited)
Mario Vitale - Passenger (uncredited)
Mrs. Irwin Jansen - Passenger (uncredited)
Mrs. Henry Bron - Passenger (uncredited)
Zena Van Dann - Passenger (uncredited)
Bertha Kaplan - Passenger (uncredited)
Danny (uncredited)
Rosa Di Tomaso - Passenger (uncredited)
Mrs. James Mott - Passenger (uncredited)
Martin Rose - Passenger (uncredited)
Richard Ross - Passenger (uncredited)
Waiter At Men's Club (uncredited)
Mrs. Chuck Beale - Passenger (uncredited)
David Norton - Passenger (uncredited)
Controller #3 (uncredited)
Crabby Man (uncredited)
Diner Patron (uncredited)
Wellman (uncredited)
Mrs. Jerry Copeland - Passenger (uncredited)
John Reindel (uncredited)
White-Haried Lady On Dais (uncredited)
Commuter At Airport (uncredited)
Richard Stout - Passenger (uncredited)
Margaret Rogers - Passenger (uncredited)
John - Weatherman (uncredited)
Joan Myers - Passenger (uncredited)
Chuck Beale - Passenger (uncredited)
Navigator (uncredited)
Sam Lasky - Passenger Rubbing His Face (uncredited)
Jerry Copeland - Passenger (uncredited)
Holly Barry - Passenger (uncredited)
PFC Bud Miller - Passenger (uncredited)
Ted Fields - Passenger (uncredited)
Fowler (uncredited)
Franco Spinetti - Passenger (uncredited)
David Knight - Passenger (uncredited)
Commuter At Airport (uncredited)
Donald Pyne - Obnoxious Passenger 21-D (uncredited)
Banquet M.C. (uncredited)
Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Sally Catalano - Passenger (uncredited)
Lynn Mason - Passenger (uncredited)
Teen In Terminal (uncredited)
Mrs. Smith - Passenger (uncredited)
Controller #1 (uncredited)
Kate Jameson - Passenger (uncredited)
Passenger In Military Uniform (uncredited)
Dawn Williams - Passenger (uncredited)
Dr. Alan Bramson - Passenger (uncredited)
Burt Ball - Passenger (uncredited)
Commuter At Airport (uncredited)
Cleveland Dispatcher (uncredited)
Frederick Williams - Passenger (uncredited)
Additional Crew Members
Technical Advisor: Air Traffic Control
Technical Advisor
Script Supervisor
Unit Publicist
Stunt Department
Stunt Double: Jacqueline Bisset
Airport - modified: [69771][65377]

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