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Monty Jordan

  32 Titles
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Assistant Stunt Coordinator / Stunt Helicopter Pilot

'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' CSI Down  (2011)

Directed by: Jeffrey G. Hunt
Cinematography by: Christian Sebaldt
Edited by: Ian S. Tan

Assistant Stunt Coordinator

'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' Family Affair  (2009)

Directed by: Kenneth Fink
Cinematography by: Christian Sebaldt
Edited by: John Ganem

Action Coordinator , Detective

'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' For Warrick  (2008)

Directed by: Richard J. Lewis
Cinematography by: James L. Carter
Edited by: Alec Smight

Action Coordinator / Assistant Stunt Coordinator / Stunt Coordinator / Stunt Double / Stunt Helicopter Pilot - 6 Episodes, 2006-2011, Detective

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation  (2000)

| USA, Canada

Assistant Stunt Coordinator

Tin Cup  (1996)

Directed by: Ron Shelton
Cinematography by: Russell Boyd

Helicopter Pilot

The Last Boy Scout  (1991)

Directed by: Tony Scott
Cinematography by: Ward Russell

Stunt Double: Jesse Ventura / Stunt Pilot

Predator  (1987)

| USA, Mexico
Directed by: John McTiernan
Cinematography by: Donald McAlpine

Cmdr. Phillips

Top Gun  (1986)

Directed by: Tony Scott
Cinematography by: Jeffrey L. Kimball

Assistant Stunt Coordinator, Pilot, Tactical Advisor

'Airwolf' Wildfire  (1986)

Directed by: Vincent McEveety
Cinematography by: Howard Schwartz
Edited by: Drake Silliman

Assistant Stunt Coordinator , CIA Pilot

'Airwolf' Airwolf II  (1985)

Directed by: Don Medford
Cinematography by: Seymour Hoffberg
Edited by: Michael Berman

Assistant Stunt Coordinator , Officer

'Airwolf' The Horn of Plenty  (1985)

Directed by: Sutton Roley
Cinematography by: Seymour Hoffberg
Edited by: Bill Luciano

Army Intelligence Officer, Stunt Driver, Stunts

'Airwolf' The Deadly Circle  (1985)

Directed by: Harvey S. Laidman
Cinematography by: Seymour Hoffberg

Stunt Driver

Cannonball Run II  (1984)

| Hong Kong, USA
Directed by: Hal Needham
Cinematography by: Nick McLean

Army Major, Stunt Coordinator

'Airwolf' Firestorm  (1984)

Directed by: Ray Austin
Cinematography by: Stan Lazan

Helicopter Pilot, Stunt Coordinator

Blue Thunder  (1983)

Directed by: John Badham
Cinematography by: John A. Alonzo

Stunt Coordinator

The Cannonball Run  (1981)

| USA, Hong Kong
Directed by: Hal Needham
Cinematography by: Michael C. Butler

Assistant Stunt Coordinator , Inmate Wrangler

Brubaker  (1980)

Directed by: Stuart Rosenberg
Cinematography by: Bruno Nuytten
Edited by: Robert Brown

Assistant Stunt Coordinator

Alien  (1979)

Directed by: Ridley Scott
Cinematography by: Derek Vanlint

Stunt Double

Hooper  (1978)

Directed by: Hal Needham
Cinematography by: Bobby Byrne
Edited by: Donn Cambern

Special Forces Commander / Helicopter Pilot, Utility Stunts

Close Encounters of the Third Kind  (1977)

Directed by: Steven Spielberg
Cinematography by: Vilmos Zsigmond
Edited by: Michael Kahn

Army Helicopter Pilot, Utility Stunts

Capricorn One  (1977)

Directed by: Peter Hyams
Cinematography by: Bill Butler
Edited by: James Mitchell

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