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Burt Reynolds

  36 Titles
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King Konreid

In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale  (2007)

| Germany, Canada, USA
Directed by: Uwe Boll
Cinematography by: Mathias Neumann

Billy Cole

Cloud 9  (2006)

Directed by: Harry Basil
Cinematography by: Michael Goi
Edited by: Rick Tuber

Sam LeFleur

Forget About It  (2006)

Directed by: BJ Davis
Cinematography by: Mark Trengove

Jefferson Davis 'Boss' Hogg

The Dukes of Hazzard  (2005)

Directed by: Jay Chandrasekhar
Cinematography by: Lawrence Sher

Mr. Burt

'The X-Files' Improbable  (2002)

Directed by: Chris Carter
Cinematography by: Bill Roe
Edited by: Scott J. Wallace

Carl Henry

Driven  (2001)

| USA, Canada, Australia
Directed by: Renny Harlin
Cinematography by: Mauro Fiore

Joey 'Bats' Pistella

The Crew  (2000)

Directed by: Michael Dinner
Cinematography by: Juan Ruiz Anchía

General Newton

Bean  (1997)

Directed by: Mel Smith
Cinematography by: Francis Kenny
Edited by: Chris Blunden

Lenny Spencer

Meet Wally Sparks  (1997)

| Japan, USA
Directed by: Peter Baldwin
Cinematography by: Richard H. Kline
Edited by: Raúl Dávalos

'Wacky' Jacky Jackson

Mad Dog Time  (1996)

Directed by: Larry Bishop
Cinematography by: Frank Byers
Edited by: Norman Hollyn

Joe Paris

Physical Evidence  (1989)

Directed by: Michael Crichton
Cinematography by: John A. Alonzo
Edited by: Glenn Farr

Mike Murphy

City Heat  (1984)

Directed by: Richard Benjamin
Cinematography by: Nick McLean

J.J. McClure

Cannonball Run II  (1984)

| Hong Kong, USA
Directed by: Hal Needham
Cinematography by: Nick McLean

Stroker Ace

Stroker Ace  (1983)

Directed by: Hal Needham
Cinematography by: Nick McLean

David Fowler

The Man Who Loved Women  (1983)

Directed by: Blake Edwards
Cinematography by: Haskell Wexler
Edited by: Ralph E. Winters

Richard Babson

Best Friends  (1982)

Directed by: Norman Jewison
Cinematography by: Jordan Cronenweth
Edited by: Don Zimmerman

Man Walking In Front Of Brewster And Lilah

Six Pack  (1982)

Directed by: Daniel Petrie
Cinematography by: Mario Tosi
Edited by: Rita Roland

J. J. McClure

The Cannonball Run  (1981)

| USA, Hong Kong
Directed by: Hal Needham
Cinematography by: Michael C. Butler

Director, Sharky

Sharky's Machine  (1981)

Directed by: Burt Reynolds
Cinematography by: William A. Fraker

Director, Wendell Sonny Lawson

The End  (1978)

Directed by: Burt Reynolds
Cinematography by: Bobby Byrne
Edited by: Donn Cambern

Producer, Sonny Hooper

Hooper  (1978)

Directed by: Hal Needham
Cinematography by: Bobby Byrne
Edited by: Donn Cambern


Deliverance  (1972)

Directed by: John Boorman
Cinematography by: Vilmos Zsigmond
Edited by: Tom Priestley

Det. Steve Carella

Fuzz  (1972)

Directed by: Richard A. Colla
Cinematography by: Jacques R. Marquette
Edited by: Robert L. Kimble