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The Man Without a Past   (2002)

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Country | Finland, Germany, France
Running Time | 97 Minutes
Type |
Language | Finnish
Genres | Comedy, Drama, Romance
Aspect Ratio |
Production Dates | 2001-08-01 ~ 2001-09-01
Release Information

Directed by | Aki Kaurismäki
Cinematography by | Timo Salminen
Edited by | Timo Linnasalo

Starring ~ Markku Peltola, Kati Outinen, Annikki Tähti

Camera Aperture
Sound Systems
Distribution Resolution
Distribution Medium
Editing System
Finishing System
Film Negative Width
Distributed Aspect Ratio
Shooting Regions
Academy Awards Year
Academy Award Nominee
Directed by
Cinematography by
Edited by
Written by
Written By
Produced by
Co-producer: YLE TV1
Production Management
Production Manager
Art Direction by
Art Director
Costume Design by
Costume Designer
Second Unit & Assistant Directors
Assistant Director
Camera & Electrical Department
Lighting Technician
Still Photographer
Lighting Trainee
Assistant Camera
Lighting Technician
Second Assistant Camera
Lighting Technician
Steadicam Operator
Lighting Trainee
Editorial Department
Negative Cutter
Color Grader
Visual Effects Department
Digital Restoration: TV Master
Digital Film Colorist
Art Department
Property Master
Set Dresser
Set Designer
Sound Department
Makeup Department
Makeup Artist
Music Department
Music Mixer / Music Recordist
Composer: Song "Hawaii No Yoru"
Kaisa Nieminen
Manager Of Flea Market
Bar Owner
Dock Clerk
Bank Clerk
Bank Robber
Police Detective
Hannibal (as Tähti-Koira)
Salvation Army Band Member
Salvation Army Band Member
Salvation Army Band Member
Salvation Army Band Member
Railwaystation Guard
Doctor (as Aarre Karen)
Nieminen's Son
Nieminen's Son
Accordion Player
Salvation Army Girl
Salvation Army Choir Memeber
Salvation Army Choir Member
Salvation Army Choir Member
Salvation Army Choir Member
Salvation Army Officer
Salvation Army Officer
Salvation Army Officer
Salvation Army Officer
Vendor In Bar
Homeless In Doorway
Homeless In Doorway
Man In Waste-tank
Unemployment Office Clerk
Unemployment Office Manager
Cook At Bar
Dock Foreman
Dock Foreman
Welder At Dock
Police Officer
Police Officer
Police Officer
Police Officer
Police Officer
Mechanic (as Andrei Tchernousov)
Man At Restaurant
Man At Restaurant
Man At Restaurant
Train Stewart
Chief Bureaucrat
Chief Bureaucrat
Avustaja (extra) (as Ahola Inkeri)
Avustaja (extra) (as Ajo Annamari)
Avustaja (extra) (as Aksela Esko)
Avustaja (extra) (as Aniche Christian)
Avustaja (extra) (as Aniche Obidra)
Avustaja (extra) (as Berg Leiff)
Avustaja (extra) (as Blom Atte)
Avustaja (extra) (as Bollström Eino)
Avustaja (extra) (as Greus Erkki)
Avustaja (extra) (as Gustafsson Pia)
Avustaja (extra) (as Halonen Reino)
Avustaja (extra) (as Harjunpää Seppo)
Avustaja (extra) (as Haukkala Erno)
Avustaja (extra) (as Heikkilä Rauno)
Avustaja (extra) (as Heikkonen Pertti)
Avustaja (extra) (as Heiskanen Reima)
Avustaja (extra) (as Hietanen Kauko)
Avustaja (extra) (as Hiltunen Erkki)
Avustaja (extra) (as Hiltunen Marjatta)
Avustaja (extra) (as Hirvonen Ismo)
Avustaja (extra) (as Holmström Tauno)
Avustaja (extra) (as Hämäläinen Jyri)
Avustaja (extra) (as Härkönen Teuvo)
Avustaja (extra) (as Jalkanen Jussi)
Avustaja (extra) (as Jolkkonen Jari)
Avustaja (extra) (as Juusonen Seppo)
Avustaja (extra) (as Kaarna Tommi)
Avustaja (extra) (as Kainulainen Mika)
Avustaja (extra) (as Kauppinen Esko)
Avustaja (extra) (as Kaurismäki Leena)
Avustaja (extra) (as Keränen Arto)
Avustaja (extra) (as Kiukas Meeri)
Avustaja (extra) (as Koivisto Toivo)
Avustaja (extra) (as Koukkari Kari)
Avustaja (extra) (as Kujamäki Marketta)
Avustaja (extra) (as Kuussalo Maire)
Avustaja (extra) (as Laakkonen Jouni)
Avustaja (extra) (as Laaksovirta Ritva)
Avustaja (extra) (as Lagerroos Henri)
Avustaja (extra) (as Lamminen Kirsti)
Avustaja (extra) (as Lehikoinen Liisa)
Avustaja (extra) (as Lehtonen Juha)
Avustaja (extra) (as Leino Anne)
Avustaja (extra) (as Leino Jorma)
Avustaja (extra) (as Lindström Kari)
Avustaja (extra) (as Lindström Lars)
Avustaja (extra) (as Linna Lauri)
Avustaja (extra) (as Liukkonen Ismo)
Avustaja (extra) (as Luoma Jarmo)
Avustaja (extra) (as Lähteinen Antti)
Avustaja (extra) (as Lähteinen Roosa)
Avustaja (extra) (as Majasto Seppo)
Avustaja (extra) (as Makkonen Pentti)
Avustaja (extra) (as Malmi Pekka)
Avustaja (extra) (as Nieminen Harri)
Avustaja (extra) (as Niska Miira)
Avustaja (extra) (as Nivala Juha)
Avustaja (extra) (as Nuojankoski Antti)
Avustaja (extra) (as Nurmi Juha)
Avustaja (extra) (as Nurminen Mika)
Avustaja (extra) (as Nykänen Seppo)
Avustaja (extra) (as Nyman Richard)
Avustaja (extra) (as Pasanen Kirsi)
Avustaja (extra) (as Patjas Timo)
Avustaja (extra) (as Penttilä Saini)
Avustaja (extra) (as Pesonen Juha)
Avustaja (extra) (as Puupponen Anna)
Avustaja (extra) (as Puupponen Maiju)
Avustaja (extra) (as Rahikka Minna)
Avustaja (extra) (as Rautiainen Jukka)
Avustaja (extra) (as Riihitupa Reino)
Avustaja (extra) (as Ruishalme Antti)
Avustaja (extra) (as Saastamoinen Anja)
Avustaja (extra) (as Salmén Juha)
Avustaja (extra) (as Salmén Juuso)
Avustaja (extra) (as Salmenjoki Pertti)
Avustaja (extra) (as Salo Sanni)
Avustaja (extra) (as Savolainen Juha)
Avustaja (extra) (as Seppälä Alpo)
Avustaja (extra) (as Siika Julle)
Avustaja (extra) (as Sorsa Tauno)
Avustaja (extra) (as Taipale Eero)
Avustaja (extra) (as Taipale Marja-Leena)
Avustaja (extra) (as Tirkkonen Maarit)
Avustaja (extra) (as Tissari Veijo)
Avustaja (extra) (as Tuomaala Martta)
Avustaja (extra) (as Tuuhea Mika)
Avustaja (extra) (as Törmälä Tuula)
Avustaja (extra) (as Usvamaa Sinikka)
Avustaja (extra) (as Uusranta Petri)
Avustaja (extra) (as Valkeala Kai)
Avustaja (extra) (as Vauramo Samuli)
Avustaja (extra) (as Vepsä Ritva)
Avustaja (extra) (as Viljakainen Pentti)
Avustaja (extra) (as Virrantuomi Raimo)
Avustaja (extra) (as Vuorinen Kai)
Avustaja (extra) (as Väänänen Konsta)
Additional Crew Members
Production Secretary / Script Supervisor
Production Support: Suomen Elokuvasäätiö
Production Assistant
Technical Assistant
Technical Assistant
Title Designer
Assistant To Director / Dog Trainer: Hannibal
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