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Harvey Atkin

  17 Titles
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Judge N. Palermo

'Suits' Blind-Sided  (2013)

Directed by: David Platt
Cinematography by: John B. Aronson
Edited by: Peter Forslund

Judge Palermo

'Suits' Bail Out  (2011)

Directed by: Kate Woods
Cinematography by: Patrick Cady

2nd Mrs. P's Father

Barney's Version  (2010)

| Italy, Canada
Directed by: Richard J. Lewis
Cinematography by: Guy Dufaux
Edited by: Susan Shipton

Judge Ronald Manheim

'Law & Order' Mega  (2000)

Directed by: David Platt
Edited by: David Siegel

Judge Alan Ridenour

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit  (1999)

Deli Guy

The Stupids  (1996)

Directed by: John Landis
Cinematography by: Manfred Guthe
Edited by: Dale Beldin

Judge Ronald Manheim

Law & Order  (1990)


Gus Gold

Speed Zone  (1989)

| Canada
Directed by: Jim Drake
Cinematography by: François Protat, Robert Saad
Edited by: Michael Economou

Vinnie Bradshaw

Visiting Hours  (1982)

| Canada
Directed by: Jean-Claude Lord
Cinematography by: René Verzier

Joe Prescott

The Incubus  (1982)

| Canada
Directed by: John Hough
Cinematography by: Albert J. Dunk
Edited by: George Appleby

Bus Driver

Atlantic City  (1980)

| France, Canada
Directed by: Louis Malle
Cinematography by: Richard Ciupka
Edited by: Suzanne Baron


'The New Avengers' Complex  (1977)

| Canada, France, UK
Directed by: Richard Gilbert
Cinematography by: Henri Fiks, Karol Ike
Edited by: Eric Wrate