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James Wallace

  27 Titles
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Sound Designer

Dawn Rider  (2012)

| Canada
Directed by: Terry Miles
Cinematography by: Norm Li
Edited by: Trevor Mirosh

Sound Effects Editor

Girl in Progress  (2012)

Directed by: Patricia Riggen
Cinematography by: Checco Varese
Edited by: Dan Schalk

Sound Designer

In the Name of the King: Two Worlds  (2011)

| Germany, Canada
Directed by: Uwe Boll
Cinematography by: Mathias Neumann
Edited by: Peter Forslund

Sound Designer / Sound Effects Editor

Wrecked  (2010)

| USA, Canada
Directed by: Michael Greenspan
Cinematography by: James Liston

Sound Effects Editor

Hunt to Kill  (2010)

| Canada
Directed by: Keoni Waxman
Cinematography by: Tom Harting

Sound Designer

New in Town  (2009)

| USA, Canada
Directed by: Jonas Elmer
Cinematography by: Chris Seager
Edited by: Troy Takaki

Sound Designer

A Shine of Rainbows  (2009)

| Canada, Ireland
Directed by: Vic Sarin
Cinematography by: Vic Sarin
Edited by: Alison Grace

Sound Effects Editor

A Dog's Breakfast  (2007)

| Canada, USA
Directed by: David Hewlett
Cinematography by: James Alfred Menard
Edited by: Jason Schneider

Sound Designer

White Noise 2: The Light  (2007)

| USA, Canada
Directed by: Patrick Lussier
Cinematography by: Brian Pearson

Sound Effects Editor

Trick 'r Treat  (2007)

Directed by: Michael Dougherty
Cinematography by: Glen MacPherson
Edited by: Robert Ivison

Sound Effects Editor

Slither  (2006)

| Canada, USA
Directed by: James Gunn
Cinematography by: Gregory Middleton
Edited by: John Axelrad

Additional Sound Designer

Carrie  (2002)

| USA, Canada
Directed by: David Carson
Cinematography by: Victor Goss
Edited by: Jeremy Presner

Sound Editor

Chuen jik sat sau  (2001)

| Hong Kong
Directed by: Johnnie To, Ka-Fai Wai
Cinematography by: Siu-Keung Cheng

Additional Sound Designer

G-Saviour  (2000)

| Japan, Canada
Directed by: Graeme Campbell
Cinematography by: Joel Ransom
Edited by: Rick Martin

Backgrounds Editor / Sound Effects Editor

Suspicious River  (2000)

| Canada
Directed by: Lynne Stopkewich
Cinematography by: Gregory Middleton

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