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Image Capture
Image Sensor2/3″ Single Chip On Semi Conductor (Kodak) CCD Sensor (RGB)
2004×1144 Pixels, Progressive Scan
Sensitivity2000 Lux at f 8.0, 0dB Gain (100% video out)
160 Lux at f 2.2, 0dB Gain (100% video out)
Resolution1920×1080 Pixels
Dynamic Range13.5 f-stops
Signal/Noise Ratio64dB at 0dB Gain
InterfaceCoaxPress 75Ohm BNC
Cable Length80m (260ft)* / 180m (590ft)**
* with standard HD-SDI video cables: Belden 1505F Flexible or Gepco VHD200M Flexible.
** with industrial-grade HD-SDI video cable, for example the Gepco VHD1100
Lens Mount Compatability
C-MountNative, with back focus adjustment
PL-Mountwith adaptor
B4-Mountwith adaptor (incl. optical element)
Operation & Environment
Power Consumptionmax. 4.6 W
Temperature Operating Range0 - 45°C (32 - 113°F)
ConformityEMV: 2004/108/EG
CE: 93/68/EWG
Low Voltage Standard 73/23/EWG

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Starring ~ India Eisley, Olivia Hussey, Neve McIntosh
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