David Vallon

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King Minos

Sinbad and the Minotaur  (2011)

| Australia
Directed by: Karl Zwicky
Cinematography by: Nino Gaetano Martinetti
Edited by: Brad Lindenmayer


Daybreakers  (2009)

| Australia, USA
Cinematography by: Ben Nott
Edited by: Matt Villa

Tom Cox

The Proposition  (2005)

| Australia, UK
Directed by: John Hillcoat
Cinematography by: Benoît Delhomme
Edited by: Jon Gregory

Bartender Dead Mike's

Scooby-Doo  (2002)

| USA, Australia
Directed by: Raja Gosnell
Cinematography by: David Eggby
Edited by: Kent Beyda


The Real Macaw  (1998)

| Australia
Directed by: Mario Andreacchio
Cinematography by: David Foreman

ShotOnWhat is Broken.