Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter   (2001)

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Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter Technical Specifications

Country | Canada
Running Time | 85 Minutes
Type |
Language | English
Genres | Action, Comedy, Horror, Musical
In Color
Release Information

Directed by | Lee Demarbre
Cinematography by | Lee Demarbre
Edited by | Lee Demarbre

Starring ~ Phil Caracas, Murielle Varhelyi, Maria Moulton

Editing System
Finishing System
Directed by
Cinematography by
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Written by
Written By
Produced by
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Art Department
Sound Department
Optical Soundtrack
Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter
Maxine Shreck
Mary Magnum
Father Eustace
Johnny Golgotha
Dr. Praetorious
Gloria Oddbottom
Father Alban
Danny Sabbath
Blind Jimmy Leper
Father Avellino
Woman Blessed On The Beach
Beach Vampire #1
Beach Vampire #2
Dancing Angel #1
Dancing Angel #2
Dancing Angel #3
Dancing Angel #4
Dancing Angel #5
The Straight Shooters Waitress
Atheist #2
Allegro Clerk
Praetorius' Patient #1 / Wrestling Girl #1 (as Elenor Quesnel)
The Screaming Lesbian
The Bishop
The Transvestite
Fifi The Dog
God (voice)
Photographer #1
Photographer #2
Photographer #3
The Limo Driver
Danny Sabbath's Bodyguard
The Little Blind Girl
The Virgin Mary
Wrestling Girl #2 / Praetorius' Patient #2
The Deaf Lesbian Dog
Hockey Jersey Atheist
Lesbian Vampire
Misty Winters
Atheist #6
Pedestrian, Homeless Person
Singer, Musical Scene
Additional Crew Members
Production Assistant
Stunt Department
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