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The Thrillarama Story
Thrillarama - Widescreen Museum
The Thrillarama camera used a Natural Vision 3D camera fitted with wide angle lenses and re-adjusted for left half, right half view instead of a 3D view.
Information is scarce on this orphan film, but it was a sad one-off attempt to imitate Cinerama, but with two cameras (1.33 X 1 each) that makes a 2.66 X 1 wide frame, with fullcoat magnetic stripe offered at least stereo sound(? Maybe 4 or 6 channels?) and was printed in 3-strip, dye-transfer Technicolor. According to Richard W. Haines amazing book TECHNICOLOR MOVIES, he knew of one such copy in a private collection as of its 1993 edition (the publisher should allow Mr, Haines to expand the book) and was only shown for a week in Texas in 1956, save maybe private screenings. The Widescreen Museum website lists the film as well and credits the director as R.G. Wolff.
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