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Country | USA
Running Time | 86 Minutes
Type | Movie
Language | English
Genres | Comedy
In Color

Directed by ~ Noah Kadner
Cinematography by ~ Tyler Oliver

Edited by ~ Tirsa Hackshaw

Starring ~ Jamieson Stern, Jessica Kiper, Steven Gilborn

A struggling social guidance filmmaker spends his last dollars on a mysterious con man he mistakes for a Method actor.

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Directed by
Noah Kadner
Cinematography by:
Tyler Oliver
Written by
Noah Kadner story
Jamieson Stern story
Jamieson Stern written by
Produced by
Anita M. Cal producer
Tod Ciaciuch line producer
Noah Kadner executive producer
Page Ostrow co-producer
Jamieson Stern associate producer
Lisa Diane Washington co-producer
Edited by
Tirsa Hackshaw
Original Music by
Lee Sanders
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