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RPM Miami Technical Specifications

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Running Time | 42 Minutes
Type | TV Series
Language | Spanish, English
Genres | Drama
Seasons | 1
Season Ending Year | 2011
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In Color

Alejandro Hernandez returns from Iraq, to learn his father owes a large debt to a group of gangsters who run illegal underground races. Keeping a promise to his best friend who was killed ...

Digital Cinema
Sony HDW-F900 Camera
Sony PMW-EX3 Camera
Sony PMW-F3 Camera
Distribution Medium
Broadcast High Definition (HD)
Editing System
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Finishing System
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Distributed Aspect Ratio
1.78:1 (16x9)
Directed by
Jacobo Rispa (13 episodes, 2011)
Cinematography by:
Juan Pablo Puentes (13 episodes, 2011)
Written byplus
Produced byplus
Edited byplus
Editorial Department plus
Special Effects Departmentplus
Sound Department plus
Cast Listing plus
Production Companiesplus
Locations plus
Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database.

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