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Technical Elements Collection

CamerasMotion Picture film & digital cameras used in production.
Lens ManufacturerLens Manufacturers.
LensesMake, model and focal length of lenses used during filming.
Lens AdaptersLens adapters, or lens attachments that change the properties of the lens.
Lens ControlDevices used to control Focus, Iris, Zoom and 3D rigs.
Lens FiltersAny filtration used during the capture of original camera image. Usually used in front of the lens or sensor.
Camera SupportAny type of equipment used to support the camera rig or setup. TC generators, splitters, muxers, converters, etc.
Camera Moves

Equipment used to create motion in the frame; dollies, cranes and stabilization, etc.

Distributed Aspect RatioRatio of vertical to horizontal resolution, for the final delivered image.
Camera ApertureThe term used to describe the geometric proportions determining the shape of the film or sensor exposure.
Camera Rental CompaniesCamera House or camera rental facility.
Film ManufacturerFilm negative manufacturer or film print manufacturer.
Film Negative StockMake and model of film negative used during filming.
Film Print StockMake and model of film print stock used for distribution of the film.
Film Print OrientationThe direction of the film used for print distribution, horizontal or vertical.
Film Negative WidthFilm camera negative width, size in millimeters.
Film Negative PulldownThe number of perforations of the film negative.
Camera Negative OrientationHorizontal or vertical running of film in the camera. Enables information about camera and camera aperture.
Editing SystemsThe major editing system used to edit the final version.
Finishing SystemsThe major finishing system used to color the final version.
Digital IntermediateWhether a digital intermediate was performed during the finishing stage.
Negative CuttingActual cutting for the edit of celluloid film. Widely used to until most recently.
Stereoscopic 3D RigsStereoscopic 3D camera rigs for dual-camera.
Stereoscopic SystemsThe stereoscopic method employed during production.
Stereoscopic 3D FormatShot in native 3D, converted to 3D or digitally created 3D.
Primary Release 2D – 3DOriginal format for distribution.
3D Re-release YearThe year the conversion to 3D was released, usually a previously released 2D production.
Stereoscopic Conversion CompaniesProduction company responsible for the conversion to stereoscopic 3D.
Color ProfileThe basic color profile, or type; Color, Black & White, Colorized.
Working ColorspaceThe color space used during capture and post production phases of the project.
Final ColorspaceThe color space used to deliver the final project for distribution.
Recorded Camera GammaIn-camera gamma setting used to recorded the camera image.
Color ManagementThe software, process or tools used to manage the color space used during the production and post.
Shooting ResolutionCamera vertical and horizontal pixel resolution.
Post Production ResolutionWorking resolution during post-production.
Chroma SubsamplingOriginal camera media essence capture information. Chroma Sub-sampling information.
Bit DepthOriginal camera media essence capture information. Bit Depth information.
VFX ToolsSoftware used for visual effects work.
Optical EffectsIn camera or in front of camera optical effects used during filming.
Additional Post ProcessesOther processes used during the post-production.
PreViz ToolsPre-visualization tools, storyboarding, etc. Any tool used to estimate the look or design of a project.
Sound SystemThe type of sound system used for a production.
Audio RecordingHardware and software used for the recording of audio during production.
Audio FinishingHardware and software used during the sound design and mix of audio.
Audio DistributionMethod and format used to delivery the final audio.
Surround SoundType of surround sound used for distribution, including object oriented methods.
Audio Bit DepthDigital audio bit depth used.
Audio Sample RateDigital audio frequency sampling rate.
Distribution MediumDistribution as Digital Cinema Package, Film or for Broadcast and other methods used for distribution, such as Blu-Ray, DVD, Streaming, On-Demand, etc.
Distribution ResolutionFinal delivery resolution.
Projection FormatGenerally accepted projection formats, anamorphic, spherical, etc.
Project Frame RateFrames per second used during production and post production phases.
Distribution Frame RateFrames per second used for final delivery of project for distribution.
AcquisitionCaptured image media used, celluloid, video or digital cinema.
Production CategoryMotion Picture, Television series, Miniseries, Documentary, etc.
AnimationMethod of animation used to create the project.
Digital RecordersMake of digital media capture devices used for original camera data or media essence.
On Set ServicesServices used during the production to assist the camera department, video village, coloring, dailies, 3D viewing, etc.
Near Location ServicesServices used during the production to assist the camera department, video village, coloring, dailies, 3D viewing, etc.
Video Assist & Data SystemsSystems used to record and playback for instant on-set review. Usually used to capture a proxy of the actual images being filmed.
Production MonitoringAny kind of TV, projector or other viewing device used on set.
Post Production MonitoringAny kind of TV, projector or other viewing device used during the finishing process, usually in a facility.
LightingLights and equipment used during the production for illumination.
Grip & Lighting CompaniesCompanies supplying the grip or light equipment for the production.
BatteriesBatteries and power solutions used during production.
Shooting SpaceThe local area used for the production, studios, underwater, outer-space, etc.
Shooting RegionCountry, State, City or region of production.
Film ScannersFilm scanners used to transfer celluloid based images to digital files.
Scanned Film ResolutionScanned film resolution for digital manipulation. Defined as 2K, 4k, etc.
Film RecordersFilm recorders used to transfer digital files to celluloid or any optical work.
Digital Codecs & FormatsEncoding formats and tape formats, recording types.
Stereoscopic DistributionStereoscopic 3D distribution and viewing system.
Film Labs & Post FacilitiesPost-Production facilities and film labs, any post processes used.
Audio FacilitiesAudio facility for any sound, audio, foley, recording, mixing, etc.
VFX FacilitiesVisual effects facilities used for visual elements or supportive process.